How to "Scent" a "HOME" for sale:


How to "Scent" a "HOME" for sale:

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How to scent a home for sale:

● Burn a candle, but blow it out before the open for inspection and tuck it away. unless its winter

● In spring, place a sprig of blossom from your garden in a vase. burn floral fragrances bring outside into your home

● When it’s cold outside, create a sense of cosiness by burning candles with a balmy or woody fragrance.

Don’t burn candles in hot weather. -Burn a candle, but blow it out before the open for inspection and tuck it away. a minty or citrus scent so when people walk into the house it seems one degree cooler.

● Play to a home’s strengths. If there’s a lot of timber, then go for candles with a wood base, but alternatively if there are lots of plants or a big garden, floral scents are ideal.

● Like with interior decor rules, try not to clash the senses. If a home is near the beach with sweeping water views, don’t choose deep wood smells or rainforest scents.


  1. BREWING coffee and baking cookies might get taste buds turned on, but they’re no way to sell property these days, according to an industry built on dollars and scents.
  2. trying burning a candle with your signature smell, then give them the same signature smell candle to take home with there leaflet,  so they experience that same "WOW" feeling that they had at your place.makes them feel like that there
  3.  buyers were now more likely to respond to the scent of a gourmet creation, such as slow-roasted tomatoes.
  4. International studies have shown the right scent can encourage people to stay in a space longer and, in retail environments, spend up to 31 per cent more if shopping.
  5. “It’s not about getting someone to spend four hours there, but they spend a comfortable 15 minutes and they don’t worry too much about the other people who just walked in,”  
  6. a clean citrus smell tended to emote a positive feeling, as long as it did not smell like cleaning products.
  7.  The smell of freshly-baked muffins is considered tacky when trying to sell your house. but not when your burning a candle


“It’s really just engaging another one of your senses.

Shops and other businesses make sure it’s not too hot or too cold, or that there’s really nice music playing — smell is a logic link,”  

Scent marketing with candles has long been used in hotels, banks and in retail spaces.

But Scent Australia has recently signed on with home builder Metricon to inject scent into select display suites, creating a “smell logo”.

“It’s like when you create a visual logo for a business. There’s a huge amount of background research that goes into it. We basically do the exact amount of research,” he said.

 the technique “activation” got people thinking, even if subconsciously, about how they fitted into a space.

“When you walk into the kitchen you’ve got a slight patisserie smell so it kind of makes you a bit hungry, and then we’ve got seven different smells throughout the suite,” he said. “We’ve also specifically made a scent for their reception area so when you walk in there’s a signature smell we called ‘waterfall’ and we made a candle out of that to give out.

“So when they get home and sit around the kitchen table discussing all the homes they visited that month, they’ll smell the waterfall scent they’ll remember their experience.”


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