Business & Success Coloured Soy Candles



Colors Used for Money and Prosperity  

 Soy coloured candles


candle for money and prosperity:

  • Copper: Business success, passion, money, fertility, career growth

  • Gold: Fast luck, financial benefits
  • Brown: Attracts money, financial success
  • Green: Financial issues, money, prosperity, good fortune

 recommend using just one candle per spell and letting it burn out naturally.


Visionary Living

candles in the following colors may produce vibrations that will help improve your fortune.

  • Brown: Helps with money problems (financial crisis)
  • Purple: Represents ambition
  • Green: Attracts money and prosperity

Examples of Spells Used to Attract Wealth

Some spells are quite basic, while others are more complex. What is really required in any candle spell is that you concentrate on the goal you have in mind, that you visualize your goal as your carry out the ritual, and that you truly believe you can achieve your goal. With that in mind, here are a few examples of money and prosperity spells.


Basic Money  

  1. Select a small, completely virgin candle (never been used) and charge it with the aromatherapy oil of your choice. This imbues the candle with your personal energy.
  2. On a piece of fresh paper, especially a paper that is the same color as your candle, write down your wish for money, prosperity, good fortune, etc. Really concentrate on your wish as you do so.
  3. Light your candle, and take some time to visualize your wish coming true.
  4. Once you have spent some visualizing in as much detail as you can, fold the paper and light it with the candle flame.
  5. Place the paper in an ash tray or other fire-proof vessel and let it burn completely.
  6. Allow the candle to continue burning until it goes out naturally on its own.


Wealth and Prosperity  

  1. You'll need two virgin candles, one green and one metallic gold.
  2. Begin this spell on a Thursday during a waning moon.
  3. Charge the candles with your personal energy by using your fingers to rub them with money oil.
  4. Etch the words "money" and "prosperity" into them.
  5. Light the candles and hold them so your energy mingles with their vibrations.
  6. Close your eyes, concentrate and fully visualize wealth coming to you.
  7. Recite this phrase three times: "These candles will bring wealth to me in a way that does no one harm."
  8. Snuff out the flames.
  9. Light the candles again for a while each evening until they are completely burned down.



Positive Energy Is Essential

Make sure you take time to calm yourself and you're in a peaceful state of mind before conduct your prosperity ritual. If you feel agitated or distracted, you won't be able to concentrate and properly visualize the goal you have in mind. Meditate for a while to clear your thoughts from worries and reach a positive frame of mind. This will help you make your candle spell as effective as it can be.