Feng Shui Colors and Scents

A room can be transformed and energized in a positive way with the use of Feng Shui colors, so when someone enters the room they are affected both visually and emotionally.

How Does It Work?

Feng Shui literally means "wind and water" and is the study of how to create harmony between the energy of the earth and the human body and how to use the energy of our surroundings to nurture and support us.

The Chinese have been practicing the art of Feng Shui design for centuries.

This ancient art gets into the hidden energies  by using the five elements.


The elements in this Chinese art are

wood, water, metal, earth and fire.

When correctly used Chinese Feng Shui will bring about balance, harmony, and prosperity in the household.

Chi is the internal energy of a place, person, or object, this energy is very important in the practice of this art.

The flow of Chi or energy is unique to every home and every room in the home. The creative challenge is to read this energy and help it to flow freely.


Feng Shui Colors In Individual Rooms

The Feng Shui candles' colors and fragrances were combined so they could bring positive energy to a number of spaces.  

The Colours

Green - The color for new growth.

It's also represents healing and the life force. It's a good color in kitchens - life force and nutrition. If you have a library or space where you study, green and sweet fruity-herbaceous citrus blends stimulate creativity. If you have an exercise space you will enjoy the fragrances because they are very refreshing.


Blue - Water is about the flow of positive energy.

It can be used to create a "wealth corner" or used in foyers and entrances - anywhere to stimulate wealth Chi and abundance. It's also just as useful to cultivate family well being - our true wealth. So it's great for a family rooms and dining areas. Blue is the color said to help insomnia and can be an auspicious accent color in a bedroom.


Red - The color of fire and passion.

Great for accents colors for a spa, yoga studio, or workshop. Even a kitchen - consider how passionate a gourmet chef is about the meals they prepare. It's considered very effective for lifting and balancing the energy from computers and electronic equipment. The essential oils in this candle are perfect for romantic occasions.


Earthy Beige - Orange - Yellow - Promotes confidence.

This candle is great for living rooms and library, study areas. Use it to enhance a spiritual connection, peace, and stimulate intuition. This essential oil blend is very good in meditation rooms or sacred spaces to focus energy. Also, because the fragrance is relaxing, it can be used in a bedroom (but make sure you blow it out before you fall asleep). Massage therapists noticed that whereas applying the spicy oils to the skin could be irritating, the fragrance next to their massage tables had a soothing effect.


White to Silver - Associated with metal.

Consider that in ancient cultures metal had an association with the sword. It represented both power and the ability to cut through obstructions. The color works well in bathrooms but is also great for the kitchen.


all our candles are soy base with

Essential /Aromatherapy Oils &

Designer Fragrances




 Also be careful to never leave a burning candle

in a room if someone is not there to tend to it.